Netlify CLI


(Beta) Build the site for production and serve locally. This does not watch the code for changes, so if you need to rebuild your site then you must exit and run serve again.


netlify serve


  • context (string) - Specify a deploy context or branch for environment variables (contexts: "production", "deploy-preview", "branch-deploy", "dev")
  • country (string) - Two-letter country code ( to use as mock geolocation (enables --geo=mock automatically)
  • dir (string) - dir with static files
  • functions (string) - specify a functions folder to serve
  • functions-port (string) - port of functions server
  • geo (cache | mock | update) - force geolocation data to be updated, use cached data from the last 24h if found, or use a mock location
  • offline (boolean) - disables any features that require network access
  • debug (boolean) - Print debugging information
  • http-proxy (string) - Proxy server address to route requests through.
  • http-proxy-certificate-filename (string) - Certificate file to use when connecting using a proxy server
  • port (string) - port of netlify dev


netlify serve
BROWSER=none netlify serve # disable browser auto opening